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Attitude of Gratitude

November is known as a time when many focus on Thanksgiving and gratitude.  But perhaps being grateful every day of the year can serve a greater purpose and have a profound impact on your life?

Sunsets..always grateful for these
Sunsets..always grateful for these

Nearly 800 years ago, the great poet Rumi wrote the words “Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life.”  Gratitude is a fundamental concept in almost all ancient and modern spiritual teachings.  It is the foundation of most positive psychology and personal growth movements.

I find it interesting that Rumi chose the word “feed” to say that gratitude can affect every corner of your life.  When something nourishes you, it is an essential aspect of growth, wellbeing and vitality.  Just as your body needs nutrients from food, every aspect of your life (and every cell of your body) can be nourished by gratitude.
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Let Go and Let the Energy Flow

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Hay House Event “I Can Do it!” at the National Harbor.  I walked away with many gems from the weekend – here are some thoughts about how letting go, releasing and simplifying can pave the way for greater contentment in life.

We live in such a fast paced, overstimulating world full of a lot of stuff.

We have a lot of stress!  When we stay grounded and focus on being awake and engaged in life, we can really enjoy what we are experiencing; especially if we set ourselves up to experience what brings us joy.   One of the speakers, who is a life coach and author suggested we should spend the next year of our life removing anything that we don’t absolutely love, or doesn’t serve us, in order to watch an amazing life unfold.

I couldn’t agree more.
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