Dr. Sharman’s Musings

Purpose, Vision and Goal Setting…Now We’re Talking!

I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions – that feeling of setting resolutions and then experiencing feelings of guilt of failure after not implementing the necessary habits or behaviors. Or how about starting out wildly successful and then feeling mad at yourself for letting the resolutions fall by the wayside as the business of life creeps into reality as you get into the year?

Purpose and Vision

I have started to see that as I become more in tune with my vision and purpose in life, I tend to make choices that support that.  So I propose that this New Year, you take the time to look inside yourself first and foremost. Ask yourself,

“What is important to me?  What do I feel passionate about?  What brings me joy?  What makes me feel like I am being my best and most genuine self?  What is true in my heart?”


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Disconnect From the News and Reconnect With Nature

When the book and the bird disagree, believe the bird.

~ James Audobon


10418375_10203937593014262_6815087459078844381_nIf you are like me, perhaps lately you have felt like you just don’t want to hear any more bad news.  From terrorism to infectious disease, the news is constantly reminding us of the threats to ourselves and humanity. To make matters worse, the news provides a platform for arguments and criticisms about how all of the threats are being handled.  This inevitably leads into arguments about politics.

Recently, I was for the most part, out of the loop on the news and social media – a rarity. Here are my thoughts on this recent experience.

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