Custom Orthotics

Experiencing pain and soreness in your feet on a regular basis is a good indicator that you may need custom orthotics. Your feet provide a foundation for your entire body weight and, as such, endure a lot of stress on a day-to-day basis. The common preconception most people have is that each foot only supports half of your body weight during walking. The reality is that walking creates forces on your feet of about one to two times your body weight. If you have any inefficiency in foot function it can lead to foot and lower limb problems and adversely affect your overall body functioning many times over. Custom orthotics can help.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom-made foot orthotics are inserts for your shoes that are specifically designed to support all three arches of your foot, help to balance your body and promote optimum posture. Many people have collapsed arches, a short leg, or uneven arches from side to side. This can create stress on your musculoskeletal system from the feet up. Custom foot orthotics allow your feet to perform ideally as they support your body.

There are generic off-the-shelf shoe inserts, which can help, but they only provide general support as they have to accommodate many foot types. They also don't offer support through all cycles of your gait. Our custom orthotics have a patented gait cycle system that supports your feet in every phase of your walk. Custom orthotics made specifically for your feet are the true solution. We are a proud provider of Foot Levelers custom orthotics.

How Can Orthotics Help You?

For many of our patients, custom-made orthotic inserts may be recommended for several reasons:

  • Aligning and supporting the foot or ankle
  • Preventing, correcting, or accommodating foot deformities
  • Correcting altered foot biomechanics that causes knee, hip, and spinal pain
  • Improving athletic performance through support and alignment of the feet

Other common ailments, such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, knee pain, and faulty movement patterns in athletes, can be easily eliminated by creating a custom orthotic just for you.

How Are Custom Orthotics Made?

The process of creating a custom orthotic for you is quite simple...

Step #1 - Image

We use a 3D digital scanner that painlessly creates a digital image of your feet in about three minutes.

Step #2 - Review

Dr. Sharman will review with you what issues the digital image reveals about your feet and then discuss which type of orthotic most suits your needs: full-length for athletic shoes or short for dress shoes.

Step #3 - Send

We electronically send your order to the manufacturer and the orthotics arrive at our office in about 10 days.

Step #4 - Fitting

You come in for a scheduled fitting where we make sure the orthotics feel comfortable and fit perfectly in your shoes.

It’s that easy! Don’t live with foot pain every day when you don’t have to. We have the experience and solutions to help you live a pain-free, mobile and healthy lifestyle. Contact us today so we can set up a consultation to discuss your particular situation. If you have foot pain, you will surely benefit from custom orthotics.

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