Nutrition and Vitamin Protocol

nutrition and vitamin

For optimum health, we recommend many patients participate in a nutrition and vitamin protocol. Participation may range from simply using vitamins to improve overall bone health to boosting immune health or relieving pain from muscle spasms or cramps.

Fighting Inflammation

One very important area of focus at Life Care is reducing inflammation. Everything you put in your body either produces or inhibits inflammation. We now know that chemical inflammatory markers are responsible for many things other than just pain. For example, inflammation is involved in creating plaque in the arteries, high cholesterol, diabetes, and arthritis.

How We Can Help

Our team will teach you about the use of supplements. One supplement commonly used to reduce inflammation is Omega 3 fatty acids or fish oils. But there is so much more to a nutrition and vitamin protocol than just addressing inflammation. We will work with you to understand the benefits of each recommended vitamin, the correct dosing amounts, the timing of doses, and possible side effects. We will teach you which foods are pro and anti-inflammatory and will create a customized nutrition and vitamin plan to address your unique needs. Additionally, many of our recommended vitamins and supplements can be purchased at our office.

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