Dr. Sharman’s Musings

Why You Should Care About Neck Posture

neck posturePosture is so much more important than how it relates to our appearance.  It goes beyond how well we look and actually affects how well we ARE!  May is National Posture month.  I thought I would take the opportunity to discuss posture in this three-part blog series covering the neck (cervical) area, the middle back (thoracic) area and finally the lower back (lumbar) area.

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Love Yourself – And Have More to Offer Others

love yourselfValentine’s Day has traditionally been a way to celebrate romantic love and show appreciation to your partner.  It has been celebrated all over the world for hundreds of years.  While it is a beautiful thing to acknowledge that important person in your life, the commitment to your relationship and the joy of sharing love, it is also important to remember to cultivate the ability to love yourself.  Many people both single and in relationships don’t make a conscious effort to love and appreciate themselves.
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