Mother’s Day Shopping Guide

Five Gifts Mom Will Love!

Our mothers – and special women in our lives – do so much for us. We couldn’t help select some special Mother’s Day gifts just for them. Find the perfect one for her:

mother's day gifts1. Massage Gift Certificate

Pamper mom with a half hour, hour, or hour and a half massage gift certificate! Our trained and licensed therapists offer a variety of massages that focus on keeping muscles healthy and balanced.

30 minutes – $40

60 minutes – $70

90 minutes – $100

Mother's Day gifts2. Magic Massage

Her very own electrical stimulation unit. If mom has any tension or pain she can use Magic Massage in the comfort of her own home – any time she wants.


Mother's Day gifts3. Ruh Booty

An herbal aroma intended to help calm and relax the body – a wonderful way to let go of stress. It’s a blend of aromatic flowers, roots, leaves, shrub’s oil and herbs containing holistic properties.


4. Shoethotics

Orthotic arch support custom made shoe for mom! Get mom a comfortable pair of sandals for summer that are designed just for her!

Range in price

mother's day gifts

mother's day gifts5. R2L

Our newest product! R2L goes on the back of your cell phone to decrease radiation by up to 70%. Protect your loved one from harmful radiation. Watch it work as it lights up when it changes the radiation into light energy.



For Mother’s Day gifts she’ll really love, come by our office to find the perfect one today!