Month: <span>July 2013</span>

Getting in the “Sweet Zone” With Vitamin D

vitamin dWhy is it important to increase your Vitamin D level?  Well there are many reasons!  There is a “sweet zone” of the Vitamin D level in your blood.  If you can get your Vitamin D level within this “sweet zone” there is a statistical decrease in cancer, diabetes, fractures, neurological disorders, and heart attack.  Besides bone health and prevention of certain diseases, Vitamin D plays a large role in fighting viral infections.  Your best flu shot just may be your daily dose of Vitamin D!

The first and most important thing is to find out what your baseline Vitamin D level is.  This is a simple blood test.  Many patients will say, “Well my medical doctor just took my blood and didn’t say anything, so I guess my Vitamin D level is fine.”  Don’t assume this to be true.  The doctor has to specifically order a Vitamin D test when doing blood work – it isn’t automatically measured with the basic tests.
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Life Lessons from a Feathered Friend

stellarjay3I am really grateful for so many things.  Today I am grateful for the lessons – the messages that whisper to us in nature all around us.  I was feeling guilty because as usual, I was overcommitted.  I had an event this morning near the 301 bridge; rushed back to the office for patients; then was committed to travel to Baltimore for a very important fundraiser organized by a very special friend.

I finished with patients late and just couldn’t swing the fundraiser.  After my initial guilt, I practiced acceptance and realized I have sane people in my life who get it and will forgive my absence.  I surrendered to the fact that I can donate money to support the cause without physically being there.
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