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Gain Peace, Happiness, and Better Health from Meditation

You wouldn’t believe how often I hear that patients actually enjoy waiting in our office! Do you know why? It’s because it gives them a chance to just sit down and relax. Whether in our waiting area or in a quiet room getting electric stimulation, patients relish simply listening to the relaxing music and staying in one place for a few minutes.

In this crazy busy world where we are rushing through our day on fast forward, it’s sometimes hard to have the discipline or the time to find a few moments of quiet. However, sitting in silence and breathing is very beneficial to your health.

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Love Yourself – And Have More to Offer Others

love yourselfValentine’s Day has traditionally been a way to celebrate romantic love and show appreciation to your partner.  It has been celebrated all over the world for hundreds of years.  While it is a beautiful thing to acknowledge that important person in your life, the commitment to your relationship and the joy of sharing love, it is also important to remember to cultivate the ability to love yourself.  Many people both single and in relationships don’t make a conscious effort to love and appreciate themselves.
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