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What Do I Need to Know about Going Gluten-Free?

We’ve all heard about going gluten-free. Whether you notice more and more gluten-free labels or hear your friend raving about how much better she feels after giving up gluten. Is going gluten-free just another craze or are there real benefits to a gluten-free diet?

Well, I’ll start by telling you there ARE real benefits to a gluten-free diet. How much of a benefit? Well, that depends on you and your unique make up. Can I benefit from just reducing gluten? Well, again that depends on your body. Let me explain further.
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“What Vitamins Should I Take?” – Getting the Essentials

what vitamin should I takeWhen I see a new patient, I always ask about vitamin usage. I find that many of my patients are not taking the fundamental essentials – so they end up asking me “What vitamins should I take?” Although everyone benefits from the basics, I often find my patients already have conditions related to a lack or low level that showed up in previous blood work. Some have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes for which omega 3s are extremely important, and even cramping or constipation, which is often a reflection of low magnesium. Everyone needs a healthy nutrient foundation – and few people get enough of the proper nutrients from their food. So here’s my approach to the question of “what vitamins should I take?”
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