Month: <span>January 2014</span>

Cold and Flu – More Help

In my last blog, I talked about the real cause of colds and flu – and my #1 preventative, taking vitamin D.  The bottom line is that you need to strengthen your immunity during this time of increased incidence of cold and flu. Knowing both the contributors of a weakened immune system and ways to build a stronger immune system is your first step.

Limit your intake of sugar, grains and processed foods

Cold and flu prevention does start with what you eat.  Sugar, grains and processed foods are pro-inflammatory substances that stresses rather than nourish your body.  If you want to indulge in sweets, try small doses of dark chocolate, which is actually anti-inflammatory.  Dark chocolate with almonds is an even better choice, as the protein and good fat in the almonds will help minimize any blood sugar spike.

Organic-fruits-and-vegetablesEat food that encourage immune functioning

Boost your immune functioning by including plenty of the following in your diet:  organic fruits and vegetables, fermented foods (such as kimchee or sauerkraut), coconut oil, fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids and grass fed meat.  Consider adding immune-boosting spices to your cooking or take them as a supplement.  Garlic, turmeric, oregano, clove and cinnamon are good options.
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