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Gut Bacteria and Why You Should Care About It

If you want to boost your mood, control your weight and feel better, you may need to restore your gut health. Did you know that the bacteria in your gut are critical for emotional and physical well-being?

What is gut bacteria?

“I have bacteria in my gut?” you might ask. Yes you do! There’s a whole community of microorganisms that live in your digestive tract known as your microbiome. These “bugs” play a vital role in keeping you healthy by improving immunity, absorbing and creating nutrients, keeping out toxins and aiding in digestion.

In fact, the metabolic activity of your microbiome is so complex and vital this community of organisms is considered “the forgotten organ.” Your gut should house over 500 species of bacteria totaling around 3 pounds!

It’s important to have diverse types of gut flora. In fact, your make up of different gut bacteria can create a sort of “microbiome fingerprint.” This fingerprint can be associated with certain disease susceptibilities or health traits depending on it’s make up.
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Gain Peace, Happiness, and Better Health from Meditation

You wouldn’t believe how often I hear that patients actually enjoy waiting in our office! Do you know why? It’s because it gives them a chance to just sit down and relax. Whether in our waiting area or in a quiet room getting electric stimulation, patients relish simply listening to the relaxing music and staying in one place for a few minutes.

In this crazy busy world where we are rushing through our day on fast forward, it’s sometimes hard to have the discipline or the time to find a few moments of quiet. However, sitting in silence and breathing is very beneficial to your health.

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