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Every New Chiropractic Patient Needs to Know This

One thing I have noticed from years of being a chiropractor is that it is nearly impossible to cover everything that I think a new patient should know about chiropractic in just one visit. The initial visit typically focuses on the patient’s medical history, main areas of pain or concern, exam and/or imaging results, prognosis, a treatment plan, insurance coverage, etc. We cover a lot in the time we have on day one, but it never seems to be long enough. So, I thought I would dedicate this month’s blog to tell you the important things I think a new chiropractic patient should know.

#1: Be Patient as a Patient

To manage the expectations of new patients, it is very rare that a single session is enough to reduce or eliminate pain. Patients do often begin to see some relief in the first few visits, but one or two sessions is not enough to create lasting change. The body needs time to start to create a new pattern within the underlying structural issues or faulty biomechanics that are contributing to the overall problem. Typically, it takes about 12 visits for a significant change to take effect. During the treatment period, I’m helping your body to heal and to work more efficiently. This is a process that takes time. I like to do a re-exam around the 12th visit to see how far you have come and make any changes to your treatment plan at this point. It’s at this time when I often tell a patient that they can come less often, require fewer types of therapies or can start returning to certain activities that previously were challenging.

#2: This Might Hurt a Little

Some patients get a little sore after their first visit, as if they worked out at the gym. This is normal and should not be outside of new patient expectations. In a way, what I’m helping your body with is very much like starting a new exercise regimen. You end up with some “awareness” of your muscles after a session as I help your body to function better. Any discomfort or soreness typically subsides after the first few visits as your body gets used to the changes we are making. To help, I recommend patients take a supplement called Zymain that helps reduce inflammation. Also, using ice for 15 minutes on and off will help with any soreness or pain. By the end of the treatment, you will find that you feel and move better!

#3: It’s a Two-Way Conversation

In our sessions, I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of explaining. Our conversations, though, are two-way streets. Feel free to be open and honest! If the recommended treatment plan is not possible for you, let’s talk about it and come up with an alternative. Maybe you cannot afford your copay twice a week? Or, maybe the three therapies I recommend cause your appointment time to be too long and you have to be available to pick up your kids? It’s okay. We just need to be able to discuss the issues. My foremost priority is to get you well in a way that you feel great about.

#4: Beyond Chiropractic, We Can Help Your Well-being

Many people don’t realize that we offer many other services in addition to chiropractic and physical therapy. Yes, most patient engagements involve these two services, but at Life Care, we’re interested in your overall well-being. This means we really care about you reducing your physical, chemical and mental stress. With that in mind, we offer complementing services such as massage therapy, body purification programs, vitamin therapies and nervous system and brain health testing to help with the inner workings of your systems. And, we have products available – supportive pillows, back supports and custom made foot orthotics – to help with your day-to-day physical comfort.

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Let’s talk about your overall health goals and see where we can help. As a new chiropractic patient, know that we are here to serve you and your well-being. If you ever have questions, concerns or suggestions, we are always happy to hear from you. Or, if you have a friend or family referral, we’re happy to hear from them, too!

How to Full Body Detox and Feel Your Best

The New Year is just around the corner. No doubt we will find ourselves surrounded by the temptations of holiday parties and all of the treats that come with the holiday season. All of the processed foods and sugar can really stress the body. But what if you could do something amazing and exciting for yourself this New Year that will help you lose weight, have clarity of mind and really boost your energy? I invite you to start a 21-day program with me from Standard Process and I’ll show you how to full body detox!


Why Standard Process?

It is by far the best detox that I am aware of: the gold standard, you might say. Standard Process focuses on whole, organic and unprocessed foods and uses only whole food and organic ingredients in its supplements. For years and years, I have heard about the Standard Process 21-day Purification Program. I put off getting the program as I already offered a 10-day detox from another company, but, recently, I finally took the leap and ordered the Standard Process program.


Where Do All the Toxins Come From?

There are many toxins in our processed foods, environment, and even hair, makeup and skin products. Furthermore, a lot of our fruits and vegetables, which you would think are good for us, are loaded with pesticides. Even the fire retardants on our mattresses, glue in our carpet, and chemicals in our dryer sheets can really damage our bodies. These toxins virtually overload our bodies, especially the liver. As the liver becomes overloaded, toxins can have a bigger effect on our immune system, endocrine system, joints and even brain.


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What Benefits Should You Expect from Purification?

Besides eliminating toxins from the diet during the purification process, the Standard Process Purification Program stimulates specific detoxification organs in the body, including the liver, kidneys, and small and large intestine. In fact, many who have finished the purification program report these benefits:
• Increased energy and vitality
• Better digestion
• Less bloating
• Improved weight management
• Clearer skin
• Shinier hair
• Better sleep
• Clearer thinking


So, What Do You Need to Actually Do?

Your first question is probably how complicated is this? Not complicated at all! Essentially, you simply eat whole organic food while thow to full body detoxaking some supplements and drink plenty of water. The program comes with a guide that explains everything you need to do from day one through day 21. It gives you shopping guidance for what to keep in the kitchen, instructions on what and how much to eat, and recipes for delicious purification-friendly meals. The first 10 days you’ll eat selected fruits and vegetables. Then, on day 11, lean proteins are introduced to your diet.


What Physical Changes Will You Experience?

Two of the effects of the program will be increased urination and bowel movements. These are natural outcomes of purification and should not interfere with your daily activities. In rare cases, some participants have experienced a throbbing sensation in the head, generalized aches, itchy skin, rashes or fatigue. These occurrences typically subsided in a couple of days during a full body purification.


You’ll Have Plenty of Support

With Standard Process, there is an app for 24-hour mobile support available on Google Play and The App Store. With the app, you can:
• Get daily support and tips
• Track your food and activity
• Monitor energy levels and mood
• Chart body measurements and vital statistics
• Get supplement reminders

You also will have an email support system. You’ll have easy access to health care providers at Standard Process who can answer your questions. Plus, you have me! As you have to be a patient under my care to participate, I’ll also be part of your support team.


So join me this New Year (or anytime) and I’ll walk you through how to full body detox. You’ll enjoy improved weight, increased energy, better digestion, less bloating, clearer thinking, clearer skin, shinier hair, lessening of health issues and better sleep. Reach out today to make an appointment and we’ll get started!