Month: <span>September 2014</span>

Consider Chiropractic Treatment For Children of the most rewarding aspects of what I do is providing chiropractic treatment for children and babies.

The body has an innate ability to heal and repair itself, particularly when stessors are removed.  Improving the function of the nervous system through the chiropractic adjustment assists the body in staying balanced and well.  Although this is true for all human beings, children tend to be extremely resilient.  It is so wonderful to see their bodies respond in such positive ways through chiropractic.

Adjustments for Infants

Most people wonder how it is possible to safely adjust a tiny baby.  The key is a gentle approach.  In my office, sometimes I use just a fingertip to gently manipulate the spine.  Other times, I use a small tool to put a very low force and pressure on a specific bone.  In this way, the adjustment is extremely gentle.  It is a totally different type of procedure than an adjustment on an adult.

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