Consider Chiropractic Treatment For Children

Consider Chiropractic Treatment For Children of the most rewarding aspects of what I do is providing chiropractic treatment for children and babies.

The body has an innate ability to heal and repair itself, particularly when stessors are removed.  Improving the function of the nervous system through the chiropractic adjustment assists the body in staying balanced and well.  Although this is true for all human beings, children tend to be extremely resilient.  It is so wonderful to see their bodies respond in such positive ways through chiropractic.

Adjustments for Infants

Most people wonder how it is possible to safely adjust a tiny baby.  The key is a gentle approach.  In my office, sometimes I use just a fingertip to gently manipulate the spine.  Other times, I use a small tool to put a very low force and pressure on a specific bone.  In this way, the adjustment is extremely gentle.  It is a totally different type of procedure than an adjustment on an adult.

How Adjustments Benefit Infants

While a different approach, improved function of the nervous system is the same outcome. Over the years, I have watched babies recover from:

  • Recurrent ear infections, with chiropractic as an alternative to having tubes put in the ears
  • Colic
  • Torticollis
  • Sinus congestion and allergies
  • And many other problems

Sometimes babies experience trauma during the birth process whether it is through traditional delivery or C section.  Misalignments in the neck and spine can sometimes play a role in ailments suffered by the baby.

It isn’t unusual for parents to bring their children in for an adjustment when their child is sick. Research suggests that chiropractic adjustments can have a positive affect on the immune system.  Parents tell me that they notice their child gets sick less often since being under chiropractic care, and many don’t want to see their children take antibiotics too often.

Adjustments for Children

Treating toddlers and children is always fun.  I am continuously amazed by the things children say about getting adjusted.  One time after adjusting a 5 year old little boy, he said, “I feel like the alive in me got turned up.”  That little statement warmed my heart so much!  It was his way of describing the sense of wellbeing he experienced after his adjustment.  Parents bring their children in for chiropractic care for everything from allergies, ear infections, headaches, sports injuries, scoliosis, postural problems, stress, anxiety, neck pain and back pain.

A typical week recently included a teenager with back pain from prolonged sitting and wearing a heavy back pack, three young siblings who were recovering from a motor vehicle accident, a teenager who was suffering from a stiff neck after a long plane ride, two child gymnasts with pain, a teenage equestrian rider with pelvic pain, a teenage runner with a hamstring strain, a young child with a flare up of allergies and another young child with a sore throat and stuffy nose.

Why Chiropractic Treatment for Children is So Important

I believe it is important to teach children early on that they should value their bodies and their own wellbeing.  After practicing 17 years, I have had the pleasure of treating some of my patients through childhood and into adulthood.  I like to think that being exposed to the chiropractic and the wellness lifestyle throughout their lives has helped them to stay healthy and to make healthier choices.

Often children will even ask their parents to be brought in when they are sick, not just when they experience pain.  After questioning kids about this over the years, the most common answer is that they just know that they feel better and get well faster after having their adjustments!

If it is a priority for adults to have a healthy spine and nervous system so that the body can operate at it’s optimum potential, why would a child deserve any less?


Dr. Sharman


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