5 Reasons Custom Orthotics Will Change Your Life for the Better

5 Reasons Custom Orthotics Will Change Your Life for the Better

foot painIf you have foot pain, you will surely benefit from custom orthotics. By supporting the arches of your feet, custom orthotics are designed to make your whole body feel better. They easily slip into your shoes, replacing the manufacturer’s insole. Besides providing the proper support, they are often considered much more comfortable than the insole that comes in a shoe.

Foot Levelers, the company I use for our custom-made orthotics, partners with well-known shoe companies to make a custom-made foot bed for sandals and flip flops. So you can even get a flip flop that looks and feels good!

So, why consider an orthotic? Well, here are five great reasons:

1) Provides foot support so the rest of the body avoids pain

Orthotics support the 26 bones and over 100 muscles in each of your feet! And your feet are your foundation protecting all of the OTHER muscles, bones and joints … all the way up to your head! Custom-made orthotics support the three anatomical arches of the feet. When these three arches are supported and positioned, you have a solid foundation.

foot pain2) Prevents pronation that causes stress on other body parts

Very commonly people have collapsed arches. Some have just a bit of collapse and some have full collapse into flat feet. This causes the foot to pronate allowing the ankle to fall inward and down toward floor in the midline of the body. Pronation is linked to stress on the knees, hips and low back, not to mention the foot! In fact, athletes with uncorrected pronation are much more likely to suffer knee injury. Wearing custom orthotics corrects pronation.

3) Offers arch support that keeps the body balanced

Others have very high arches or even supination where the ankle will lean outward and down toward the floor of the outside of the body. This position can also put stress on the joints of the body. Not to mention, people with very high arches often simply feel better when they have some support. Custom-made orthotics help the foot to be in a more anatomically correct position.

foot pain4) Enhances athletic performance

Custom orthotics can improve athletic performance! And athletes who wear orthotics have a lower risk of injury. Research shows custom-made orthotics: 

  • increases vertical leap
  • can increase strength
  • can improve balance and enhance proprioception

5) Reduces foot pain to make you feel good

Our custom orthotics simply feel good. Whether you are standing in line for an hour, running five miles, or on your feet at work all day, foot supports makes you feel better – less foot pain, less back ache, less tiring of the legs. Orthotics simply feel better than without!

Current custom orthotics are so much better than the rigid old school orthotics of the past. And it’s easy to to have some made just for you – that can be worn in any shoe. When you come to our office, our 3D digital scanner will assess the condition of your foot and measure your arch. From the scanned images, we will create orthotics crafted especially for you.

There’s even a money back guarantee. So give them a try. You won’t regret it!

Dr. Sharman

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