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How to Give the Gift of Wellness

Gift giving is a challenge – especially for those in your life who basically have all the “stuff” that they need. So why not consider giving the gift of wellness this holiday season?

Here are three ideas for wellness gifts that the special people in your life are sure to enjoy! And all can be purchased at our office.


The gift of….better sleep!

Product: Pillowise Cervical Pillow

Cost: $119

More details:

gift of wellnessOne of the issues I hear the most about from patients is poor sleep. For many, getting a good night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold! So it’s natural that the perfect pillow is one of my first wellness gift recommendations.

Pillowise Cervical Pillows are measured to fit your body – essentially, they are custom designed for YOU. We fit the pillow to your body at our office by taking measurements along with asking a series of questions about your sleep habits and environment. Most custom pillow products offer a few sizes while Pillowise has six! The Pillowise system yields the perfect pillow fitted to your dimensions, with optimal support to the cervical spine and head.

This attention to “fit” allows your muscles to relax during sleep…and provides the optimal resting space for your head and neck so you can have quality sleep. Our patients love them so much they often buy a travel size pillow too!

Pillowise has a money-back guarantee, and we have samples in the office so stop by and feel just how comfortable these pillows really are.


The gift of….reduced pain!

Product: Max and Stevens Full Spectrum CBD drops

Price: $55

More details:

gift of wellnessSometimes our bodies need a little help recovering. Hemp products, or products made with CBD extract, have been shown to be beneficial, safe and effective at improving multiple conditions. Some of these include stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, muscle recovery and migraine headaches.

So what makes this CBD product so special?

Unlike CBD cream, Max and Stevens drops can be taken both under the tongue AND used topically. When used topically, the drops help to reduce pain and inflammation locally. When used sublingually (or under the tongue) they helps reduce pain and inflammation systemically. As well, drops under the tongue can help with stress, anxiety and sleep.

The hemp extracts used in the Max & Steven’s product are derived from premium, organically farmed hemp. They are grown and harvested by hand in North Carolina then very carefully extracted to retain the fullest possible expression of the whole plant. So with these CBD drops, you are getting more of the whole plant. The CBD drops are certified by third-party laboratory reports and have been proven safe and free from any heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and residual solvents.

At our office, we’ll show you how to measure on the dropper, determine the dosage and how apply the product topically.


The gift of….relaxation!

Product: Massage Wellness Package

Price: $360 for six-60 minutes massages, $540 for six-90 minute massages

massage for pain reliefThe benefits of a massage are well known. Many folks don’t realize is that getting a massage regularly can do more for the body and spirit than a one-time massage for relaxation.

Regular massage can help healing and pain relief happen faster. Massage improves blood circulation. When you have more efficient blood circulation, oxygen and other nutrients are distributed throughout the body better. This helps in repairing tissue and hastens the recovery process.

By giving the gift of a package of massage therapy treatments, you can help a loved one truly be on their way to reduced pain, lower stress and of course, relaxation! Your recipient will have a year to use their massage wellness package. And if you’d rather use the six massage gift certificates to gift six people with massages, you absolutely can!

We hope these gift ideas help you spread wellness with the loved ones in your life. And take time to relax, reflect and enjoy this holiday season once the hustle and bustle has resided. Your body and mind will thank you!

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Sharman

difference between being thankful and grateful

The Difference Between Being Thankful and Grateful

We’re all about to sit around the table with family and friends as the Thanksgiving season is upon us. It’s easy to look around and say that we are thankful (many of us do this as a tradition along with the turkey dinner). We may feel thankful for the presence of those in our lives, and glad to see everyone since the last big meal. However, is being thankful the same as being grateful? And does “thankful” adequately express the deeper feelings we may have?

Contrary to what many may think, there is actually a difference between being thankful and grateful.


What does it mean to be Thankful?

The textbook definition is that “thankful” means being conscious of benefits received. The person receiving the benefits has an awareness of a beneficial gesture…and responds as such. Often, it’s automatic, such as saying “thank you” when someone does something nice or helpful. It’s an expression of appreciation for something another person has done for you. It’s more about the act itself (and how you feel about it) than the person doing the act.

Thankfulness is often tied to politeness, with society and many a child’s upbringing conditioning people to express thanks for a kind act – either instantly (with words) or later (with another form of communication: email, card, phone call).

We tend to think of thankfulness as something that lasts for a short moment, often with little thought given to the act again once thanks has been shared. Showing that one is thankful is often easy to do, as it is a surface-level response. Few think of being thankful as something hard to do. Most consider it pretty simple.


What does it mean to be Grateful?

Dictionaries define being grateful as having a sense of thankfulness that comes from a feeling within, rather than a social norm response to a kind gesture. Being grateful, or having “gratitude” can be directed at not only people you appreciate but things that you feel have been of great assistance in your life.

For example, you can be grateful for your car that has supported you as you worked your way through college and achieved your degree. And you can be grateful for people like your mother who gave you guidance and good advice over the years. Both are worthy of gratitude! And this feeling comes from a deeper place within yourself and/or your heart.

difference between being thankful and gratefulGratitude is often much more memorable than thankfulness. It can last a long time. When you feel gratitude, you can have that sense of appreciation for many years. Gratitude often encompasses shared experiences, love, commitment and devotion with special people in your life. For many who focus on gratitude regularly, it is a way of life…a state of being.

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When you feel grateful, you can express it without words or any physical action. And it goes beyond thankfulness, although that is often the first step that grows with time into a lasting feeling. Often, being grateful makes you willing to sacrifice time or money and go the “extra mile” even when no one is requiring this of you. It’s something you simply do willingly.


Why both are worthwhile

It’s not wrong to be thankful and express it. Random acts of kindness, as well as intentional acts of kindness, occur every day…and it’s important to express our thanks for it. And not just because society suggests that it is the “polite” thing to do. Rather, thanking people for kind gestures creates a positive feeling within us and can, with time, foster true gratitude for people in our lives.

So yes, there is a difference between being thankful and grateful… and it’s fine to be thankful. At the same time, we should strive to feel grateful, as gratitude is part of how we make sense of our lives and the people within it. When we keep it in the forefront, we are able to credit our loved ones with the appreciation they deserve. By striving to make gratitude a discipline, many things such as time spent with loved ones, takes on a new depth of meaning.

Try making gratitude something you focus on and practice in a deliberate way…whether it is expressed outwardly or felt inwardly. It will change you and the relationships in your life for the better! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Dr. Sharman