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How Physical Therapy Modalities Can Be the Icing on the Cake

Of course we are all very familiar with the dramatic healing effects of chiropractic care. However, sometimes patients are in a lot of pain and suffering from acute injury or very chronic, stubborn stress and tension.

We often use physical therapy modalities in patients healing from an acute injury, such as a motor vehicle accident or fall, as it is so effective in reducing pain and inflammation in the soft tissue. However, we also find it very effective in reducing tension and spasm in the chronically stressed and tense patient. A typical example would be the patient who works at the computer all day and has a long commute resulting in extremely tense neck and trap muscles.

We recommend physical therapy modalities for assisting in pain relief, relaxing muscles and pushing out inflammation. These therapies reduce pain and inflammation in the soft tissue as well as reduce tension and muscle spasm – assisting in healing.
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