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How to Create Meaningful Change with Positive Affirmations

How many times have you heard quotes like “You are what you think” or “What you think you become”? We even have a sign hanging in our office that says: “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

I remember in chiropractic school, I came across a book by Louise Hay, called You Can Heal Your Life. It was full of positive affirmations that I loved reading. However, I was still full of negative self-talk in my normal life. I was always a positive person in the world, but I really had a talent for beating myself up in every way.

positive affirmationsThe practice of transforming your thoughts

It wasn’t until I really started practicing yoga and meditation, that I began to understand and feel that by transforming your thoughts, you can transform your life. I still love that book. It got me thinking about transforming thoughts into a more positive outlook.
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